Should I Consider an Offer to Sell My House for Cash? 7 Reasons Why the Answer Is Yes

Should I Consider an Offer to Sell My House for Cash? 7 Reasons Why the Answer Is Yes

The average home can spend over a month on the market. This doesn’t include the time before that preparing your home for listing. If you don’t have this kind of time, then you’re left wondering should I sell my house for cash?

Selling your home for cash is ideal if you need to sell your home quickly due to divorce, foreclosure, inheritance, or expensive repairs. A speedy sale isn’t the only benefit, however. 

We have seven reasons why you should consider a cash offer for your home. 

1. Accepting an offer to Sell Your House for Cash Means No Risk of Failed Financing 

As cash buyers we don’t require financing to make home purchases, we provide a cash offer to buy your home as is, fast. They have all of the money readily available to pay for the sale of your home. This reduces the required amount of time to close on the home to as few as 7 days. It also eliminates the risk of your sale falling through because the buyer didn’t gain approval for a loan. 

2. Faster Closing Process 

A quick closing is the most common reason given when homeowners ask, “Should I accept a cash offer for my house?” You and the buyer are in control of the closing timeline. If you’re facing foreclosure and need to sell fast, your buyer can work with this. Or perhaps you’re getting divorced and need some time to move your belongings out before selling. Many cash buyers can close in as little as 7 days once you approve a cash offer for your house. 

3. No Appraisal Needed — We Buy Homes As Is 

As cash buyers we will want to see the home to confirm its condition, but we rarely require an appraisal to provide an all cash offer to buy your home. Instead, we’ll take a quick tour to help our team create a fair cash offer. Since we buy homes for cash in Tampa and surrounding ares in Florida,  we have an understanding of the local market and property values. 

4. Avoid Contingencies 

Contingencies run rampant in home sale contracts. These are clauses that let the buyer back out of the deal. The more contingencies, the greater the risk that the sale will fall through. Other than requiring that you hold the title to the property, many of the more detailed contingencies don’t exist with a cash buyer. 

5. Save Money and Avoid Typical Fees 

When you sell your home for cash, you can work directly with the buyer. This eliminates the need to pay a commission to a real estate agent. By talking directly with the cash buyer, you can negotiate a fair offer that’s acceptable to both parties. 

When you choose to sell your home to Home Options, there are no fees for selling your home. Considering that average closing costs are between $1,620 and $2,430, you could save thousands. Here are some of the other fees you won’t have to worry about: 

  • Broker fees 
  • Attorney fees 
  • Doc stamps 
  • Title search and insurance 
  • Document prep fees 

6. No Repairs Needed — We Buy Homes in Any Condition

Don’t spend a minute, or even a dollar preparing your home for sale. Unlike Realtors that will advise that you make value-boosting repairs before putting your home on the market,  you can sell your home as-is to Home Options. This is ideal when you suddenly inherit an older home where you would prefer to sell but the repairs may cost more than you have available to spend on an inherited home. 

7. Sale Less Likely to Fall Through 

There are countless reasons that a sale can fall through. But when you work with a cash buyer, many of these are eliminated,  increasing the likelihood of your sale going through and having cash in your pocket in just a few days. Cash buyers have the financial backing necessary and understand that they are buying a property with flaws. 

Sell Your Home for Cash Today 

If you find yourself wondering, should I sell my house for cash? Start with a cash offer for your house. It’s free, and there’s no obligation to accept. Simply fill out the request form and tell us a bit more about your property. Then we’ll arrange for a quick tour and prepare a fair offer. 

Once you decide to accept your offer, we’ll make all of the arrangements to close at a reputable title company. You’ll receive the full cash payment for your home at closing. 

Get started today by filling out our request form to receive a cash offer for your home. 

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