5 Steps to Quickly Selling an Inherited Home

5 Steps to Quickly Selling an Inherited Home

Tampa is the third best city in the United States to retire in. Because of this, we have a large elderly population. This means family members will have to face inheriting property in Florida when their loved one passes away.

This can be a challenge if you don’t live in the immediate area. What do you do with this new acquisition of land? If you are unable to take on the financial responsibility of owning an additional piece of property, then selling an inherited home for cash can be the answer.

There are five easy steps to selling your inherited property for cash.

1. Confirm the Heirs

Before you do anything, you need to confirm that you have a right to sell the home. This means confirming that there is a valid will and you are the rightful heir to the property.

There are two ways someone’s estate gets handled after they pass away.

Probate is the process of executing a will. You’ll need to wait until probate completes, and the home is officially yours before you can sell it. There is a special circumstance where the estate doesn’t have enough liquid assets to cover the deceased debts. In this case, the executor may need to sell the home for cash to complete probate.

The other option is administration. This is when someone dies without a will. The estate will get divided up according to what the law dictates.

2. Prepare the Home

Go through the home and remove any personal items. Clean the home out of any items that you or other family members wish to keep. This can be an emotional process, so it helps to have the support of friends and family to help make decisions.

One significant advantage of selling a home for cash is that you can sell it as-is. Unlike going on the market, you don’t need to make repairs or try to “fix it up”. A cash buyer will buy your home in the condition that it’s in. This means you can avoid putting money into an inherited home for required repairs.

3. Reach Out to Cash Buyers

When you’re ready to sell, it’s easy to start the process by reaching out to a cash buyer. You’ll fill out a quick form that’s fast and easy. Answer a few questions about your property to confirm that it qualifies for a cash offer.

There’s no cost or commitment to requesting an offer. Our team of real estate experts carefully evaluate homes by using their knowledge of the Florida housing market.

4.  Obtain a Fair Offer

Once you fill out the contact form, our team will arrange to take a quick tour of the home. This lets us create a fair cash offer in writing. There’s no obligation to buy, and you can think about it if you need to.

5. Close on the Property

Once you’ve decided to accept the offer, you can close in as little as seven days. You can choose your closing day to make it convenient for you. When you work with a local cash buyer like Home Options, you can trust the process. We only close our sales at local, reputable title companies.

After we complete the paperwork, you’ll leave with the full payment in your hands and free of the responsibility of your inherited property.

Sell Your Inherited Home

If you’ve recently experienced the passing of a loved one and are now wondering what to do with an inherited home, selling it for cash is a smart option. It can provide an injection of much-needed cash and relieve you of an additional unplanned financial burden.

Our caring and experienced team understand this time of grieving. They will work with you to make the process of selling an inherited home for cash as smooth and quick as possible.

Start the process today by filling out our easy contact form.


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