March is the perfect time to sell a home nationally, especially if you want to sell fast. However, if you want to maximize the proceeds, July should be your selling month. According to Zillow, if you need to sell my house fast Tampa, you should list your house for sale on March -May 1st (labor day). 

As per historical market trends, may was the perfect month to sell a home, but that has changed to March in recent years. If you intend to sell your house for more than the asking price, list on the week of April 22nd. List before September since the household begins settling down to start the academic year. By the start of October, home sellers face worse weeks for maximizing profits, and houses listed during the weeks of 14th-21st October might sell below the asking price. 

However, it’s imperative to remember that local market conditions can influence the perfect time to list your home. Some of these circumstances include mortgage rates, tax incentives and job growth.   so, if you want to sell house fast Tampa, read through. 

Best day to list your house

Thursday is the best day to list your home as it increases the chances of selling fast and for more cash. Typically, houses listed on Sundays stay on the market eight days longer than those listed on Thursdays. Saturdays and Mondays are marginally better than Sundays. Putting a house up for sale on Saturday or Monday takes seven days longer to get a buyer than a house listed on a Thursday. 

The best and worst time of the year to sell a house

According to historical sales trends, spring is the best season to sell my house fast Tampa and  in the whole of the US. However, this is a wider answer with a plethora of caveats that harm or help your house sale. 

Even though listing your house at the best time for ultimate success might be nice, the perfect time will depend on your needs. 

A good question might be: what is the best info I require to sell my home in the winter, fall, summer or spring? Each season has its pros and cons for home sellers. 

Location is also important: hot summer conditions in desert areas can affect home buyer traffic at the open house. On the other hand, mild pacific northwest summer might attract many potential buyers. The traditionally slow house sale month of December might be considered a perfect time to sell a home in southern states such as Florida. 

An always-cited guideline in the real estate field is: the perfect time to sell your home will be when you enjoy it most. Houses situated in various climates and markets will have varying seasonal selling timetables. 


Many people tend to look for houses as the weather gets warm. Therefore, prepping your house in the winter to sell in spring makes a lot of sense. With tax refunds in the pockets, awesome weather for moving in the forecast and the summer holiday from children coming up, it’s not surprising that spring is the best time to sell my house fast Tampa

In addition to listing your home in the spring, homes listed on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday sell for $1,700 more than one listed on the weekend, and it sells nearly two days faster.

Although the market is very competitive right now, homes will receive many views regardless of when they are listed, but sellers can increase their potential sale value or decrease the days their home sits on the market by listing midweek. 

When homes are listed in the middle of the week it gives potential buyers time to view the listing online, speak to their agent, and schedule a tour for the weekend. Home sellers can then typically review offers on Monday or Tuesday the following week. (1)

Pros of selling in spring

  • Increase in homebuyer pool as buyers get out of their hibernation
  • The number of house sales increases, together with the average selling time
  • The blooming foliage and gardens help in maximizing the curb appeal
  • more home tours due to added daylight hours. 
  • Warm weather encourages home buyers to go outside and tour houses

Cons to selling your house in the spring

  • Stiff competition with other home listings since houses for sale are many, and buyers have several options.
  • It’s tough to book a mover since it’s the peak moving season
  • The high demand for repair services, contractors and other home maintenance firms makes it hard to schedule a presale repair. 


Most of the reasons homebuyers shop in the spring apply to buying in summer—school breaks, warmer weather and having many daylight hours for house tours. Since many people have their vacations in summer, there might be a slowdown. Besides, there are some areas where real estate is slow since it’s scorching to buy comfortably. 


  • Homebuyer demand increases compared to other time
  • Homes sell for more cash and faster 
  • More daylight hours keep the home bright and light for long house tours
  • Households might want to move during summer before children go back to learning


  • Stiff home seller competition since many homeowners are listing their houses to take advantage of the summer buyer traffic
  • Hot weather might become unbearable, keeping buyers from looking for open houses.
  • Dry weather will require regular garden and lawn watering to maintain curb appeal.


Many people looking for houses in the early fall might move in time and settle before the academic year starts or before the season gets terrible. This state of urgency is beneficial to you as a seller. Nevertheless, most off-season home shoppers are moving due to layoffs, job transfer, family issues, and short sales; hence they might be sensitive to price. 


  • Houses sell at more than the average selling price.
  • No competition with other home sellers since home inventory starts from fall peak summer 
  • Houses sell fast
  • Beautiful foliage improves the curb’s appeal


  • Home buyer demands start to fall after spring and summer
  • A lot of outdoor maintenance work to keep the curb appeal attractive


Even though winter is the slowest time for house sales, if the climate is the warmer year, the window for selling might be better in winter since snowbirds are flocking to the sunshine. 


  • Buyers are motivated and committed
  • Less competition for home sellers 


  • Low prices as home buyers try to leverage seasonal homebuyers slow down
  • The house might take a long to sell
  • Events and holiday seasons will distract home buyers and make house tours inconvenient. 
  • Inclement weather in some parts might keep buyers from getting to house tours.
  • Curb appeal will suffer as surrounding trees and bare 

Final word

Sellers spend up to seven months contemplating listing their house. They also need to make a few home improvements to sell my house fast in Tampa. Once listed, the home will sell within 55 to 70 days, comprising 25 days on the real estate market. So, expect to set aside at least 60 days to prepare to sell. This gives you time to research the market, get a realtor you trust to clean the house and do any repairs.