What paperwork is needed to sell a house without an agent?

What paperwork is needed to sell a house without an agent?

What Paperwork is Needed to Sell a House Without an Agent?

If you have decided to sell your house for cash, that is an excellent decision you have made so far. The closing time is supposed to be fast, and you might get a fair cash offer, ensuring you optimize the profits from the sale. But that does not mean the process is straightforward and stress-free. There are many obstacles you can find throughout the selling process. How you prepare for the process will determine how smooth the process will be for you and the buyer.

First, you must search and compile all the necessary documents needed for a smooth sale process. Some of these documents include the original sale contract, professional appraisal, mortgage statement, homeowners association (HOA) documents, and receipts for capital improvements, among others. Once you have the necessary paperwork, you will have a seamless selling process. And that will save you a lot of stress and time.

Some buyers may also believe they’d be better off purchasing a property without an agent. For those seeking a competitive edge, proceeding without a buyer’s agent may seem like a good way to stand out from the competition—and maybe even score a discount. Since the seller pays the buyer agent’s commission, wouldn’t a do-it-yourself purchase sweeten the offer? (1)

Essential Paperwork Needed

Original sales contract – This is the original sales contract between you and the previous owner of the house. The document outlines everything regarding the sale transaction. It also gives potential buyers insights about the home.

Appraisal Report – The first appraisal report outlines the market value of your house at the time you bought it. You may need another appraisal showing various updates you have made on the home since you bought it. It will show you an estimated market value of the home.

Mortgage statement – You will need this document when selling your house before you fully pay off your mortgage loan. Your lender should provide you with this document.

Homeowners insurance records – This is a report of your homeowner insurance details and all claims on your home since you bought time. It can help the new owner estimate how much they would pay for the insurance when they purchase the home. 

Homeowners Association Documents – If your home is part of a development, you will need documents outlining the bylaws, articles of incorporation, rules and regulations, homeowner dues amount statement, and more. The documents help the new buyer to know what they are getting into and prepare for it.

Home repair and maintenance records – This is the evidence of all the hard work you have done to your house for the time you have been the owner. They can cover recent painting, roof repairs, chimney cleaning, etc.

Receipts of capital improvements – If you have made significant improvements in your homes, like bathroom and kitchen, remodel, roof replacement, or home additions, you need documents to support that. Showing proof of the improvements can significantly increase the value of your home. At Home Options, we buy houses Holiday FL, and one of the documents we will ask for are receipts showing your home improvements. That will determine our cash offer for the house.

Past Utility bills – You should provide records of your past electricity, water, sewer, and gas bills. This will help the new owner budget accordingly.

Disclosures – Once you agree on the price with the buyer, you should disclose information about the house that the new buyer may not be aware of. This helps avoid disputes that may arise after the new owner moves in.

Manual and Warranties – You should provide all manuals and warranties of equipment like washers and dryers, dishwashers, electric cookers, refrigerators, and more.

The title – You should clear the title to ensure it has no issues. You will need the title to transfer the house ownership to the new buyer legally.

What You Need to be Aware of When Selling a House without an Agent 

Selling the house for cash without an agent will benefit you as well as the buyer. Note that some buyers believe they’d be better off buying a property without an agent. For those seeking a competitive edge, proceeding without a buyer’s agent may seem like a good way to stand out from the competition – and maybe even score a discount. Since the seller pays the buyer agent’s commission, wouldn’t a do-it-yourself purchase sweeten the offer? So, as the seller, why should you pay the agent’s fees and you can sell the house to a buyer that doesn’t have an agent?

Here are tips to prepare you to sell the house without an agent:

  • Before listing the house, you should ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork, including the title and the mortgage statement.
  • If you have a mortgage loan, know how much you owe so that you can calculate the net profit you might get after the sale and determine how much cash offer you should accept.
  • Ensure you have made the mandatory disclosures. Research more about your state’s mandatory disclosure requirements.
  • Take note of the contingency plan agreed with the buyer.
  • Talk to a few real estate professionals and ask them to give you a market value estimate of your house. Also, do a professional appraisal. This will help you know the cash offer you can accept.
  • Be ready to negotiate and convince the cash buyer that your house is worth more than their cash offer. Use relevant documents showing improvements that can convince the buyer to increase the offer.

Should You Sell to a Buyer that Does Not Have an Agent?

We have said that it is better to sell a house without an agent. But you must understand that some buyer use agents to hunt for houses. You control the whole process, and you will decide who to sell to. But keep in mind that when you sell the house to a buyer with an agent, you will have to pay some fee to the buyer’s agent.

How much Can You save to sell your own house?

If you hire an agent to sell your home, expect to lose some money on the sale. The agent can get the best deal, but you must pay them a commission fee. So if you sell the house independently, you will save approximately 4-5% on the total profit of the sale.


You have made the right decision to sell your house without an agent. You just need to gather the necessary documents and come to Home Options. We buy houses New Port Richey, whether old, new, or ugly. We make fair cash offers and ensure you have control over your sale.


Zach Bundt

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