When listing your home for sale, you expect to attract buyers who pay a fair price. However, there are lots of things to do to achieve your home-selling goal. Ensure to boost curb appeal by creating good first impressions for potential home buyers.

Nowadays, there are many trends in the real estate sector. Those housing trends are continuing, causing 2023 to be something of a transitional year. Sellers still have an edge in many areas, thanks to continued scarcity of houses, and no one expects a dramatic crash in home prices or values. Still, the frenzied pace has definitely subsided, and many analysts see a shift towards a more balanced market, benefiting buyers.(1)

Here are things most house sellers forget to do.

Clean Stains and Eliminate Odors

Coffee and ink stains on carpets and the floor are common in older houses. However, large and bright stains are easily noticeable when someone enters your home. Potential buyers can turn down purchasing your house because of the stubborn stains, which require professional cleaning and costly services.

A foul odor is common if you have pets or indoor plants. Therefore, deep clean your house, remove house dropping, and use eco-friendly products to get rid of the odor.

Declutter and Organize Your Cabinets

Cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom act as storage space in your home. However, some products in the bathroom cabinets and appliances in the kitchen cabinet could be outdated. Therefore, consider removing them from the cabinets.

Again, before taking pictures of your home or if you are expecting an inspection, organize your cabinets. Arrange the kitchen utensils and arrange the products in your bathroom alphabetically to curb appeal.

Repaint Walls to Neutral Tones

Mostly, bright colors scare potential bidders away. Therefore, consider repainting worn-out doors and frames using a neutral color. Neutral colors feel welcoming and give potential buyers a positive first impression.

However, you can sell your house to cash home buyers Tampa if you lack money to repaint your doors. Most of these companies buy a house as-is despite the reason you are selling.

Replace Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Lighting is crucial for a home. Thus, if you consider the sell my house fast Tampa option, you need to replace the burnt, flickering, and hanging lights in the interior and exterior of your home. Consider fixing trendy lights that bring out the best of your home.

Fix Loose Handles

Door handles are crucial for home security. Most home buyers expect rigid doors with strong handles. Hence, a loose handle can create a negative impression during an inspection. This includes handles of exterior and interior doors.

Before listing your house for sale, research the best handles for your doors to replace the damaged ones. This gives the home buyer the confidence to live in a safe home.

Add Some Plants

Plants create a welcoming environment in a home. Well-watered green plants make the room lively. You can mix the green color of the plants with a beautiful bowl of flowers on your kitchen cabinets. Ensure the plants are in attractive, clean vases.

Consider placing flowers both indoors and outdoors. The extra color is great for first impressions. Though not all home buyers are into plants, you can rest assured that several can notice the beauty of your home.

Enhance the Outdoor Space

Your outdoor environment creates an excellent impression. Therefore, mow the grass, cut the edges, trim the flowers, water the plants, and cut the hanging tree branches. A clean outdoor space also keeps pests away.

If you have a fire pit or a deck in your backyard, ensure they are in the best shape. Therefore, don’t forget your outdoor space as you improve your indoors.

Fix the Gutters

Gutters are a vital part of your roof. Clogged or damaged gutters can turn away potential buyers, especially if you live in areas that experience heavy rainfall. Thus, you can hire a professional to inspect the gutters before selling your home.

However, roof repairs can be expensive. Hence, you can avoid gutter repairs and sell your home at a lower price to Tampa home buyers. This can be a case where you are facing foreclosure.

Hide Valuables

Consider hiding valuables, including money, designer bags, jewelry, and passports, when selling your home. Instead, keep them in a safe space out of sight during inspection and when taking pictures of your house.

Trusting new buyers is a challenge because you don’t know them. Exposing such valuables could lead to a burglary before closing your house sale deal.

Depersonalize Your Space

When selling your home, you move out, and a new owner gets in. Therefore, consider removing the artwork and family photos from the sight when showing your home. These items take up more space and make your home less appealing. However, home buyers Tampa can purchase your home despite filling your space with personal items. However, you need to remove them immediately after selling your house.

Pre-Home Inspection

Though an inspection before selling your home isn’t necessary, it helps you during your home-selling process. A professional inspector addresses the repairs and advises you on how to improve your home’s condition. This improves your home value and makes it easy to attract buyers.

However, if you need to sell your house fast for cash, consider selling to cash buyers who buy a home in its current condition. This saves you the stress of repairs, cleaning, and waiting for buyers to bid on your house. However, you could make less money than expected.

Bottom Line

Preparing a house before a sale costs you time and money. The advantage is that you boost curb appeal and make more money after selling your house. Therefore, homeowners considering listing their homes for sale on the market should follow the above guide on things to do before selling a house. This way, you sell your house faster and move on to the next step in life.