How To Sell An Old House Fast

How To Sell An Old House Fast

How to Sell an Old House Fast

There are many reasons why one might settle for the idea of selling their home. Perhaps one is moving to a bigger home or looking to change the environment. However, selling an old house may become a challenging affair, especially when competing with new houses. It is more difficult to settle on a buyer with interest in the house and one willing to pay the right price for the house. Home Options is a reputable company with tailored solutions to meet the needs of homeowners looking to sell their old houses in Tampa, FL. We buy houses Tampa from willing sellers at the best offers in the market and also help homeowners sell their property within the region. This article will offer insight into how one can sell an old house fast. 

Use an Estate Agent

Consider finding an excellent real estate agent if you need to sell an old house fast and at the best valuation. Having a professional real estate agent by one’s side will not only drive the homeowner to get potential clients for a house, but he will also secure the best price for the house. When a homeowner is looking for a real estate agent, they should narrow down to finding one that is qualified and experienced, especially with a good background in one’s area. At Home Options, we buy houses Tampa FL to relieve homeowners from the burden of looking for buyers. Therefore, homeowners stand a better chance of selling their old houses faster when they involve a reputable estate agent.

Provide a Proof of Consistent Maintenance

Many clients looking to purchase a house, more specifically one that is not new, will always need proof that the previous owner constantly maintained it. A homeowner may need to bring in a home inspector and technicians to make sure the house is in excellent condition before it is listed for sale. Some of the critical areas that must be maintained include the basement, foundation, roof, plumbing system, electrical system, and other visible areas. In addition, home buyers may need to examine the previous records of utility bills to understand their average cost of usage when they choose to buy the property. Therefore, to sell a house fast, consider arranging for a pre-listing inspection for a chance to fix any issues and gain an advantage over the buyer when negotiating. Additionally, collect all receipts and warranties for all repairs, new appliances, and renovations to back up your proof of maintenance.

Focus on the Unique Aspects

One notable feature of older houses is that their architecture is unique and does not resemble other neighboring houses. As a result, in the real estate field, there are buyers and agencies drawn to these types of houses. For instance, at Home Options, we buy houses cash Tampa to meet the diverse needs of clients. In addition, old houses attract a special group of clients that value old designs and building materials. Such features include ‘witch windows’ and antique ceilings. 

Homes with historical values, such as those previously owned by prominent people, or those with unique designs, have great value to targeted buyers in the market. People have different tastes when it comes to owning cars, businesses, or electronic gadgets. The same is true when it comes to houses. The unique aspects of an old house are an excellent asset to tap into when looking to sell an old house. Therefore, when looking to sell an old house, consider marketing its unique features. It is an excellent way to get a buyer faster and secure a better deal. 

Avoid Outdated Décor

Whereas the charming architectural touches of an old house are vital, it is also important to understand the impact of quality décor. Décor is essential in upgrading the beauty of an old house. Doing away with ancient décor is one way of improving the house’s aesthetics. For instance, one can remove the old floral paints and incorporate bright or creative paint to improve the overall beauty and value. 

Other creative décor ideas include upgrading the lighting systems, installing features such as HVAC systems, automating doors, and much more. These décor ideas are known to increase the value of an old house and attract buyers. In many cases, the homeowner can end up selling the house at a higher price than the listed price.

Get Amazing Photos

Often overlooked, getting quality photos is another great way to sell an old house fast. AT Home Options, we buy ugly houses Tampa and convert them into masterpieces for sale. One of the key tricks is excellent photography. The Tampa home buyers approve that great photographs of old houses have made it possible for homeowners to sell their properties within the shortest time possible. This can be achieved by using professional real estate photographers, who understand the dynamics of lighting, angles, and where to focus when it comes to advertising the house. 


It is equally important to take down most of one’s personal items from an old house that is ready to be sold. Getting most of the personal items from a house opens up the house to be viewed from a different dimension. Some home buyers would find it hard to see the true setup of the old house with many personalized items within the house. For instance, the presence of many wall decorations, furniture, and other appliances will block a potential buyer from fully understanding what the house offers in terms of beauty and practicability. Therefore, those looking to sell their old house should consider de-cluttering most of their possessions to open up the house to more potential buyers.

If you’re looking to sell your house fast or don’t want to deal with contingencies, a cash offer may be ideal for you. But if you might need more time to find a new home or want to be sure you’re maximizing your profits, you could be better off with a mortgaged buyer. It really comes down to the details of the offer, not just where the buyer’s getting their funds. With the above tips, any owner of an old building can settle for a buyer within the shortest time and potentially catch a great deal for it. 

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