5 Proven Ways To Find Real Estate Cash Buyers

5 Proven Ways To Find Real Estate Cash Buyers

In the real estate business, homeowners and agent sellers prefer dealing with a buyer that is able and willing to pay for a property in cash than dealing with a buyer waiting for loan approval. In some cases, it might prove challenging to appraise a home, or there might be urgent repairs and installations that need to be done. Additionally, homeowners might need to sell their homes fast, preferably for cash. Although home sellers have diverse reasons for selling homes for cash, the process remains standard. Reputable agents provide sell my house fast Tampa services that highly benefit homeowners looking to sell their houses. This article will take a dive into five proven ways to find real estate cash buyers. 

Where to Locate Cash Buyers

In this era, there are a number of places one can find real estate cash buyers. Here are five ways to find them today.

Roofstock Marketplace

Roofstock Marketplace is a reputable agency that has seen property sales totaling over three billion dollars in about six years. Impressive. This is the right place for one to list their home for cash. The website offers homeowners a global platform featuring a network of investors. Sellers can upload relevant details of their houses on the platform, set up a listing, and select ‘cash only’ in the listing criteria. 

One of the greatest sell house fast Tampa services by Roofstock is the ability to carry out negotiations online. Once a deal is arrived at, the team of professionals from the platform will help the seller with the entire closing process. In most cases, cash transactions can be completed within a month after the agreement is made. 


iBuyer is another excellent place to find real estate cash buyers. It is a real estate company known to make cash offers on houses by incorporating automated valuation models (AVM). Furthermore, this company gives a homeowner firm control over the house-selling process. This makes it fast for the closure of many cash dealings on houses. 

When a client and a homeowner arrive at a deal, the home will have to be inspected by the concerned parties. This need to sell my house fast Tampa service leads to an update on the offer based on the observations. This leaves the seller with the option of agreeing with the revised offer or renegotiating it. In addition, the seller can decide to go back to the market to source for another buyer that will meet the set demands for purchasing their house.

Real Estate Agents Close to Investors

Real estate agents with close relationships with investors are known to have a list of buyers who are able, willing, and ready to pay cash when purchasing a home. More so, these agents work closely with clients who do not pay much attention to simple aspects of a home, such as cosmetics and minor damages requiring repairs.

The arduous task involves finding real estate agents that are investor-friendly. Those in need of sell my house fast in Tampa services from these agents have to dig deep into the portfolios of agents operating in the region. However, there is a simpler way to locate them. A homeowner needs to search for them on renowned websites such as Realtor and Zillow. When doing the search, sellers must include keywords such as ‘investor’ and ‘rental’ to narrow down on investor-friendly real estate agents. On the other hand, sellers can also visit local property management agencies such as Home Options to get referrals to the best agents in the market.

Auctions and Public Records

A seller can access public records of real estate sales online. Anyone can do this by exploring the County Clerk’s Office or County Recorder’s Office and identifying the recent changes lacking a mortgage lien. Once done, the seller can contact the buyer to find out if they are interested in purchasing their property.

Another sell my house fast Tampa service that might help homeowners get hold of cash buyers is through auctions. Most real estate auctions bring in clients that are potential cash buyers. These clients are often ready to conclude deals fast since bidding dictates so. Therefore, homeowners looking to sell their houses on cash should consider arriving at the auction center early to meet most of the buyers involved. This will increase the chances of finding a cash buyer that agrees to your set price. In addition to finding the best deal, a homeowner also gets to network and meet the best agents in the field for future needs.

Bandit and Property Signs

One of the methods sellers use in sourcing potential buyers is erecting ‘For Sale’ signs. Most sellers often leave it at that, thereby attracting a variety of buyers. However, one can disclose additional information regarding cash payment to narrow down their buyer options. Cash offers may include discounts on cash payments. In addition to these messages, homeowners should remember to include their website link and contact details.

On the other side, bandit signs are also an excellent way to fish for cash buyers of property. They are a form of advertisement erected along the freeway and main intersections. The seller can indicate their advert on these pieces, including a description of cash buyers and contact details. In many cases, cash buyers will often advertise themselves on such boards. Therefore, driving around the city or region can help a homeowner find a willing buyer for their property in cash.

It’s true that real estate transactions just go more smoothly when homebuyers are paying with all cash. Closing times are shorter, there are fewer sleepless nights wondering what will go wrong with the loan application at the bank and they tend to buy as-is. However, having cash buyers on tap is even more crucial than that in today’s housing market. Cash buyers are in the midst of the many real estate agents located within the region. It takes a keen eye and mind to locate cash buyers among them when one wants to sell their home for cash.

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